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What is Ultherapy®?

Most people don’t feel that their immediate concerns of aging aren’t enough to get a facelift. Or, they simply don’t like the idea of surgery at all. As a result, people who don’t want to go through the process of surgery are left to live the results of aging: a sagging neck, dipping jawline, and maybe even sunken cheekbones. Fortunately, a revitalized skin therapy technique called Ultherapy®, may be the non-invasive and simple solution people who don’t want surgery have been wishing for to get the results they want.


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Collagen is a protein our skin cells use to retain elasticity and thickness. However, as we age, our collagen starts to produce less fiber, causing the common aging symptoms like wrinkles and sagging skin. So, Ultherapy® works by providing heat from sonic waves of energy into the skin to stimulate collagen regrowth.


The New Age Ultherapy® Technology

In the past, Ultherapy® had a reputation for being painful. While the therapy is known to be effective, one of the most commonly reported dislikes about the procedure was experiencing pain. However, the company took these complaints to heart, and have recreated a sonogram device which offers the same collagen-stimulating sonic heat waves, just on a lesser volume. As a result, patients can experience the face-lifting results of this procedure without the unwanted pain.


What Can You Expect from an Ultherapy® Session?

Typically, patients don’t report experiencing any pain during these sessions. However, there may be some discomfort. But, this discomfort does not last long, nor is it excruciating. In fact, most patients describe the experience as simple and even relaxing. Most sessions last about an hour, but it really depends on the expected results and the area of the body for treatment. While most patients don’t require any downtime for recovery, you may expect some slight swelling around the treated area for the few days following the procedure. Initially, results may not be overwhelming. But, within the expected two weeks, you should expect to notice the result of the reawakened collagen–a fresher and younger-looking appearance.


Want to See if Ultherapy® Can Help You?

Want to take advantage of easy, quick, and surgery-free age reversing results without the facelift procedure? To schedule a consultation with Dr. Eunice Park for an Ultherapy® session, contact our practice today.


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