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Voluma in Long Island, NY

Having full, rounded cheeks improves your appearance. Eunice E. Park, MD, a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon and ear, nose and throat (otolaryngology) specialist, offers Voluma® for men and women in Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York who are interested in cheek enhancement without cheek implants.

What is Voluma®?Voluma in Long Island, NY

Voluma® is a hyaluronic acid product that adds volume to the cheeks by binding with water. Not only do the treatments add fullness to the cheeks, but the increased hydration may give the cheeks a healthy glow.

Voluma® may help men and women who have lost cheek volume as part of the aging process as well as those who have naturally-hollow or sunken cheeks.

Benefits of Voluma®

Voluma® offers the following benefits:

  • No downtime
  • Treatment takes less than one hour
  • Minimally-invasive alternative to cheek implants
  • Allows for precise enhancement that naturally conforms to your anatomy
  • Improves appearance by adding volume that creates soft highlights and shadows in the cheek area
  • Results may last up to two years
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with other medical spa treatments and facial surgeries

Am I a Candidate for Voluma®?

Voluma® is FDA approved for use on adults, but is most often used for patients between 30 and 50 years old. The best candidates are those who have lost volume in the mid-face area and those who have poorly defined cheekbones. The best way to find out if Voluma® is right for you is to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Park.

What to Expect from Voluma®

Dr. Park administers Voluma® by making several injections in the mid-face area using a fine needle. She carefully administers the product to sculpt a natural shape and size of the cheeks. You may see an immediate improvement due to the gel consistency of Voluma®. As the hyaluronic acid binds with water, you see a gradual enhancement of your cheeks.

After the treatment, you may notice some minor bleeding, tenderness, bruising and swelling at the injection points. Your cheeks may feel tight. These symptoms may last for a few days. Results can last up to two years.

How Much Does Voluma® Cost in Long Island, NY?

After your consultation appointment, we will have a treatment plan upon which to base your estimated cost for Voluma®. You may incur additional charges during the procedure and follow-up appointments. For your convenience, we accept payment by cash, check, and major credit card.

If you are considering cheek implants, you may want to learn more about Voluma®, a minimally-invasive treatment that enhances your cheeks and mid-face area. The treatment is available for men and women in Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation.


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