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The Best Time to Get Kybella® Treatments

Double chins can make a person look and feel older or heavier than they really are. Looking to rid of excess fat cells surrounding the neck and jaw area? While Kybella® provides an injectable alternative to plastic surgery, knowing more about this solution can help to provide you with the results you want when you need them most.

What is Kybella®?

Experiencing a double chin isn’t all that uncommon. And, it doesn’t have to necessarily mean someone is overweight. In fact, it can be a result of genetics and even age. For years, the best solution to this issue was facial reconstructive surgeries like facelifts. Until now, with the introduction of Kybella® treatments.

The main ingredient in Kybella® is an enzyme found in the body’s natural digestive system. This enzyme is responsible for the chemical breakdown and elimination of fat cells. So, Kybella® works directly by introducing these fat-eliminating enzymes in the specific area of the neck and jawline.

The Kybella® Procedure

Contrary to being hospitalized and undergoing generalized anesthesia, Kybella® treatments are a quick and simple way to reduce fat cells. Basically, the solution is injected directly into the targeted area a number of times, depending on desired results and patient experience. Once the treatment is done, sessions don’t have to be done ever again as the results are permanent.

When Should I Get Kybella® Treatments?

Kybella® treatments are effective. And, your friends and family will definitely notice the difference. So, most patients elect to get their treatments during a discreet time of the year. Fall and winter are the optimal time to get Kybella® treatments, as recovery is minimal and the results will be more than ready for their spring or summertime debut.

Rid of Your Double Chin this Turtleneck Season

Want to be ready to throw out the turtlenecks after this winter season to reveal a younger, slimmer-looking jawline? Consider this winter season your last struggling to keep your neck out of Christmas photoshoots. And, say goodbye to the old double chin with Kybella®. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Park.


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