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Silhouette Instalift™ vs. Facelift

Since their invention more than 100 years ago, people have been using facelift procedures to enhance the appearance of aging skin. While effective, these procedures are relatively invasive and do require recovery time. However, an innovative advancement in the skin care rejuvenation field, the Silhouette InstaLift™, now provides individuals with a non-invasive means to a younger appearance.

What is the Silhouette Instalift™?

The Silhouette Instalift™, approved for medical use by the FDA in 2015, is a relatively new way to provide facelift-like results without an actual facelift. One of the most common signs of aging is sagging skin underneath the eyes, which may cause individuals to look tired and less youthful. Until now, nothing has been available to address this issue of facial sagging skin besides the facelift.

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The Silhouette Instalift™ works by utilizing sutures (stitches) to implant tiny cones into layers of facial tissue. These cones, made of collagen, dissolve and mesh with the layers of tissue and work to provide a lifted appearance over time. Along with the face, implanting Silhouette Instalift™ cones into the neck and brow regions of the face is also effective.

What are the Benefits of Silhouette Instalift™ vs. a Facelift?

Obviously, as mentioned, the biggest benefit to the Silhouette Instalift™ is that it does not require invasive surgery. This means less recovery time and even less procedure time, as a typical Silhouette Instalift™ session takes around 45 minutes. Additionally, the simple nature of this procedure allows for minimal risk of problems. Finally, because collagen actually stimulates new cell growth, the effects of this type of procedure can last over two years.

Am I a Candidate for Silhouette Instalift™ Procedures?

While this newfound method to skin rejuvenation is exciting, it may not be best for everyone. Choosing patients is a big part of making sure people get what they want from their skin care procedures. Typically, those qualified for this type of session are between ages 45 and 55. Also, those with skin too thick, skin too thin, or those experiencing extremely deep facial lines may not be qualified.

Is Silhouette Instalift™ Right for You?

If you don’t like the idea of a facelift, but like the idea of facelift results, a Silhouette Instalift™ may be the solution you’re looking for! For a free consultation with Dr. Eunice Park, contact us today.


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