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Necklift vs. Facelift: Which One is Right for You?

A necklift and a facelift, although they sound similar, provide different results. It’s important to get to know the differences between the types of options for cosmetic enhancements. If you’re considering having the skin on your face or neck enhanced, you may wish to consider the differences and similarities of necklifts and facelifts.


What is a Necklift?

It’s common, especially with women, to experience slacking skin around the neck and jawline as age occurs. And, it often happens quicker than expected. This sagging of the neck can make an individual appear to be larger around the face or even older than they really are. In this day and age of front-facing camera phones and selfies, double chins are not a characteristic many wish to display. Necklifts are procedures used to tighten and remove skin around the neck and jawline so that the area may appear more defined.

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What is a Facelift?

Rather than focusing solely on the neck, facelifts are procedures that help to lift the lower skin of the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and built up fat sediments that have developed over time. During a facelift, skin located from the eyes to the chin is stretched up toward the scalp so that wrinkles may be smoothed. Additionally, during this procedure, built-up fat sediments can be removed and smoothened to offer balanced proportion to the face. So, while this procedure may help with sagging neck skin, its main focus is to restore a youthful smoothness and reduce wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and mouth.


Defining the Similarities

Both of these cosmetic surgeries aim to help reduce the appearance of sagging, aging skin. The main difference is the location of the surgery performed. While a facelift deals the lower skin of the face to the jawline, the necklift deals with the jawline to the collarbones. Choosing the surgery for you just depends on what you feel you need and want. Sometimes, the two procedures are combined to deliver both neck and facial enhancements simultaneously. You don’t need to make this decision alone. During your consultation with Dr. Park you will discuss options and the potential outcomes, as well as secure her professional opinion about what procedure is best for you based on your individual needs.


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