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Neck Lift in Long Island, NY

Did you know that your neck is the most likely place where you will develop the early signs of aging? For men and women in Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York, Eunice E. Park, MD, who is dual board-certified in facial plastic surgery and ear, nose and throat (otolaryngology), offers neck lift surgery.

What is a Neck Lift?

Are you spending time finding ways to hide your neck area? Chances are you have problems that may be corrected with a neck lift. The neck area is prone to developing early signs of aging, such as:

  • Banding that runs horizontally
  • Sagging, loose, wrinkled skin on the neck and jowls
  • Excess fat along the jawline

A neck lift removes excess skin and fat as well as tightens muscles to give your neck a more toned and youthful appearance.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

Dr. Park may recommend a neck lift to:

  • Define your jawline
  • Give the neck area a smoother appearance
  • Remove excess skin that hangs loosely under the jawline and chin
  • Reduce creases and wrinkles

Am I a Candidate for a Neck Lift?

Neck lift surgery may require general anesthesia, so your overall health will be a consideration. Some problems along the jawline can be treated with Kybella®, a non-surgical injectable product that gradually reduces a “double chin.” Genetics and individual anatomy determine if and when you may need a neck lift, and some of our patients are as young as 35 years old while others are up to 70 years old. The best way to find out if a neck lift is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Park.

What to Expect from a Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery takes one to three hours, depending on the technique and nature of the correction. Incisions are placed under the chin or behind the ears. After the incisions are made, Dr. Park may remove excess fat and tighten the muscles before she pulls the skin taut and places the sutures. The excess skin is trimmed away.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost in Long Island, NY?

Neck lifts are considered elective, so the cost is not covered by medical insurance. We provide an estimate after your consultation, and you may incur other charges during the procedure. We accept payment by cash, check and major credit card.

A neck lift may give you a more youthful appearance. Eunice E. Park, a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon and ear, nose, and throat specialist, offers neck lift surgery to men and women in Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York. Contact us to schedule a consultation.


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