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Lipoma in Long Island, NY

Finding a lump under your skin can be a cause for concern, but you may have a lipoma, a benign growth of fat. If you live in Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York and find growth, schedule a consultation with Eunice E. Park, MD, a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon and ear, nose, and throat (otolaryngology) specialist, to be evaluated for lipoma and other head and neck ENT conditions.

What is Lipoma?

We are all taught to check our bodies for unusual growths and lumps, but what do you do if you find something during a self-examination? Not all growths indicate a serious problem. In fact, the most common type of lump under the skin is lipoma. These lumps or growths develop when your fat begins to expand into the soft tissues. Although lipoma is categorized as a tumor because it is an unusual growth in the body, lipoma is typically harmless, and it is the most common type of growth that occurs in people.

You may be at greater risk for lipoma if you:

  • Are middle-aged
  • Have a history of injuries to the area
  • Have Madelung’s disease
  • Are a Mediterranean man with a history of alcohol abuse

Benefits of Treatment for Lipoma

If you find any type of lump on your head or neck, you should be evaluated by Dr. Park. She will determine the nature of the lump. Most cases of lipoma do not pose a risk, and treatment is not necessary. The exception is lipoma that develops in the internal organs or muscles. Some lipoma is liposarcoma, a type of cancer that grows quickly and can cause moderate to severe pain.

What are the Common Symptoms of Lipoma?

The first symptom that you may notice is the lump. Lipoma typically appears as a soft, small lump that is less than two inches across. Lipoma most often develops on the thighs, upper arms, and torso, but the growths can develop anywhere on the body. Most lipoma does not cause discomfort when you apply pressure, but some may if the lipoma is situated near nerves or if blood vessels run through the growth.

How is Lipoma Diagnosed and Treated?

Any type of lump or abnormal growth that you find on your body should be evaluated. Dr. Park will examine the lump and possibly take a biopsy or tissue sample. If the diagnosis is that the lump is a benign lipoma, Dr. Park may recommend that you monitor it for any changes. If she determines that treatment is required, she will provide those details during the appointment.

How Much Does Treatment for Lipoma Cost in Long Island, NY?

Treatment for lipoma may be covered by medical insurance, but you may have some out-of-pocket costs. For your convenience, we accept payment by cash, check, and major credit cards.

Finding a lump on your head or neck can be alarming, which is why you should be evaluated by Dr. Eunice E. Park, an ENT specialist who can accurately diagnose lipoma and recommend treatments if needed. If you live in Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York, contact us today to schedule your personal consultation.


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