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Face Liposuction in Long Island, NY

Excess fat on your face and neck adds years to your appearance, but you may not need an extensive surgical procedure to fix the problem. Eunice E. Park, MD, a dual board-certified plastic surgeon and ear, nose, and throat (otolaryngology) specialist, offers face liposuction for men and women in Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York.

What is Face Liposuction?

Like other parts of your body, the face and neck are prone to developing pockets of excess fat, either through genetics or aging. Patients who have adequate skin elasticity may be able to remedy this problem with facial liposuction. The technique requires tiny incisions through which a small tube is inserted to loosen and remove the fat. Facial liposuction can be performed as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other procedures, such as fat injections and a brow lift.

Benefits of Face Liposuction

Face liposuction is performed as a primary procedure or in conjunction with other procedures. The overall goal of facial liposuction is to refine the contours of the face and neck. When it is the only procedure you have, recovery is shorter than with facial surgery, and the scars are less visible.

Am I a Candidate for Face Liposuction?

Face liposuction is most often recommended for men and women who do not need the more extensive anti-aging correction of a facelift or neck lift. If you do require one of these surgeries, Dr. Park may use face liposuction to remove smaller pockets of fat. Your age, health, and cosmetic goals are considered prior to recommending facial liposuction. The best way to find out if this procedure is the right option for you is to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Park.

What to Expect from Face Liposuction

The results of facial liposuction varies by patient because the procedure is tailored to individual needs. Dr. Park will explain the anticipated results and recovery during your consultation.

Once the area has healed completely, you may notice a smoother, more contoured appearance in the treatment area. Dr. Park may recommend future treatments with dermal fillers and injectables to soften any lines and wrinkles.

How Much Does Face Liposuction Cost in Long Island, NY?

The cost of facial liposuction is based on factors that are determined during your consultation. We provide an estimate after the appointment, but you may incur additional charges during the procedure and follow-up appointments. For your convenience, we accept payment by cash, check, and major credit cards.

If you have small areas of fat on your face and neck, face liposuction may be a good option to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. If you live in Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York and want to learn more about facial liposuction by Eunice E. Park, MD, contact us to schedule a personal consultation.


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