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Ear Piercing in Children: Why You Should Use a Facial Plastic Surgeon

Perhaps your child has recently asked to get their ears pierced. Or, you want your baby to get her ears pierced while they are young. Whatever the case, if you’re looking for the best option for a child’s ear piercing procedure, consider a plastic surgeon. Compared to other options like a local jewelry store or mall, a plastic surgeon offers several benefits for this cosmetic choice.


What are the Advantages of Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for Ear Piercings?children ear piercing, ear piercing by facial plastic surgeon, eunice park md, long island, ny

First and foremost, the biggest and most important advantage of choosing a plastic surgeon for ear piercing procedures is safety. While ear piercing is a relatively simple and quick procedure, it’s vital to undergo this technique under professional care. While this procedure is optional and purely aesthetic, there are dangers involved like infections and allergic reactions. Choosing a plastic surgeon means selecting professionals of the medical industry who understand and practice sanitary regulations and only use the safest materials. Furthermore, you want to make sure that, if your child is old enough, they understand how to take care of their piercings.  So, choosing a medical professional like a plastic surgeon ensures you that she receives the proper care instructions to prevent issues during healing.


What Can You Expect from an Ear Piercing Procedure?

As mentioned, ear piercing isn’t a medical procedure, nor is it an extensive or painful surgery. However, there is some pain and attention to surgical practice and aftercare are essential in reducing the risk for complications which may arise. But, choosing a plastic surgeon means that you can expect for the smoothest option for this procedure. During the procedure, you can expect:

  1. The professional use of sanitary procedures including properly packaged and unopened surgical tools, the use of surgical gloves, and the use of preoperative skin antiseptic to cleanse the ear and prevent infection. And we offer numbing cream as well.
  2. Identifying appropriate point of piercing and marking the area on both ears to be sure of exact placement.
  3. The use of only hypoallergenic materials for both earrings and earring backs like stainless steel or other nickel-free medals.
  4. Complete aftercare instructions which include proper cleaning, when to change jewelry, and what to do in case of infection.


Ready to Schedule an Ear Piercing for Your Child?

While ear piercing for children is completely optional, you want to make sure you’re choosing the safest method available. So, consider Dr. Eunice Park for your child’s ear piercing procedure. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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