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Chin Implant in Long Island, NY

A proportionate, well-shaped chin is a feature of a balanced and attractive face. If you have an under-defined chin, you may benefit from a chin implant, also known as “genioplasty.” For men and women in Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York who are interested in enhancing their chins, Eunice E. Park, MD, who is dual board-certified in facial plastic surgery and ear, nose and throat (otolaryngology), offers chin implant surgery.

What is a Chin Implant?

A chin implant is a way to improve the definition and shape of your chin. During the chin surgery, Dr. Park places a silicone-filled implant to add volume to your chin. This procedure improves the balance of your facial features and having balanced features helps you have a more attractive appearance.

Benefits of Genioplasty

Chin augmentation may be recommended for men and women who have chins that are too small or under-defined for their faces. A chin implant may also help better define your jawline.

Am I a Candidate for a Chin Implant?

Many of our patients inquire about rhinoplasty to change the shape and size of their nose, only to learn that genioplasty is a much better option. Often times, people who have chins that are too small for their face perceive that their noses are too large. In other cases, chin augmentation may be recommended in conjunction with a nose job, facelift, eyelid surgery or neck lift to achieve a balanced appearance. Because so many factors must be considered for chin surgery, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Park.

What to Expect from Genioplasty

The incision for genioplasty is placed either inside your lower lip or under your chin. This allows Dr. Park to properly place the implant and also keeps the scars well-hidden once you heal. Chin surgery is an outpatient procedure, so you go home the same day. Activities may need to be limited for one week. Your chin may feel tight and tender after the surgery. A bandage will be wrapped around your head to keep the chin implant in place. You may have difficulty chewing after your genioplasty, so we recommend a soft diet. The initial healing takes approximately one week.

How Much Does a Chin Implant Cost in Long Island, NY?

The cost of chin surgery varies by patient. We provide an estimate after your consultation, but you may incur other charges during the surgery and follow-up appointments. For your convenience, we accept payment by cash, check and major credit card.

Have you thought about the importance of having a well-defined chin? Genioplasty, a cosmetic surgery for a chin implant, may be recommended by Dr. Park. She offers chin augmentation for men and women in Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York. Contact us to schedule your personal consultation.


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