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Balloon Sinuplasty in Long Island, NY

If you have problems with your sinuses that require surgery, you may be a candidate for balloon sinuplasty, a less invasive alternative to traditional sinus surgery. For residents of Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York. Eunice E. Park, MD, who is dual board-certified in facial plastic surgery and ear, nose and throat (otolaryngology), offers balloon sinuplasty.

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Traditional techniques for sinus surgery require the surgeon to make incisions in the cheek to access the sinus cavity. With balloon sinuplasty, the procedure is less invasive and produces similar results. For balloon sinuplasty, Dr. Park uses and endoscope to access the sinuses. The endoscope is designed with specialized tools that allow her to make the required modifications to the sinus structure.

Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty

Because balloon sinuplasty is less invasive than traditional techniques, patients may have:

  • Shorter recovery periods
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Better results

Clinical studies indicate that most patients who have balloon sinuplasty have a noticeable improvement even after two years.

Am I a Candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty?

Dr. Park may recommend balloon sinuplasty if you have chronic sinusitis that does not respond to medications. Recurring sinusitis may also be an indicator for balloon sinuplasty.

What to Expect from Balloon Sinuplasty

For most patients, balloon sinuplasty is performed in our office. The procedure does not require any removal of bone or tissue. A small balloon catheter is positioned into the affected sinus and slowly inflated. This helps to widen the sinus without changing the integrity of the lining of the sinus. The catheter is then used to flush the sinus cavity with saline. This works to remove mucous and open the sinus cavity. Dr. Park then slowly pulls the catheter out of the sinus.

On average, recovery takes about two days. This is when you can return to your normal activities, but you may not be fully healed. Dr. Park will provide at-home care instructions and requirements for limiting your activities.

How Much Does Balloon Sinuplasty Cost in Long Island, NY?

Balloon sinuplasty may be covered by your medical insurance. After the consultation, we have a treatment plan upon which to estimate your out-of-pocket costs. You may incur other fees associated with the procedure, follow-up, and determination by your insurance carrier. For your convenience, we accept payment by cash, checks and major credit cards.

If you have chronic or recurring sinus problems, Dr. Eunice E. Park may recommend balloon sinuplasty to alleviate your symptoms and prevent future episodes. If you live in Long Island, Queens and surrounding communities in New York and would like to know if balloon sinuplasty is right for you, contact us to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Park.


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