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5 Uses for Botox® You Might Not Know

Almost anyone knows that Botox® injections can be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But, there are a few uncommon and even bizarre uses for Botox® that are not as well known. And discovering these uses can help individuals find solutions to skin issues they may not have known existed otherwise.

#1: Botox® for Chin Creases

Sometimes, age isn’t the only thing that creates lines on the face. Some people experience lines on the chin caused by over-contraction of the mentalis muscle. Over time, a deep, horizontal line can show. Fortunately, Botox® is effective in filling in and preventing further over-contraction of this muscle. Thus, preventing these lines from occurring.

#2: Botox® for Improving a Disappearing Smile

Most patients are surprised to hear that Botox® can be used to help the issue of lip borders disappearing when smiling. Injections strategically placed near the outlines of the lips can help to create a more definitive lip line, even when smiling.

#3: Botox® for Awakening the Resting Angry Face

No one likes to look mean or unapproachable to others. “Resting angry face” is a term used when someone experiences lip corners which droop when face muscles relax. Botox® can be used to pull the corners of the mouth up to eliminate this issue.

#4: Botox® for the Neck

With age, muscles in the neck may start to show their work through wrinkles. Others may suffer from a less defined jawline than in their youth. Both types of patients can benefit from Botox® injections of the neck which work to define the jawline and eliminate wrinkles.

#5: Botox® for a Smile Showing Too Much Gum

Otherwise known as a “gummy smile,” this condition occurs when specific muscles of the mouth and nose over-contract, pulling up the lip farther than it should. The result is a smile which shows the upper gums. Botox® can be injected into these muscles as a relaxant, which works to reduce the contracting and prevent the “gummy smile.”

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