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5 Benefits of Kybella®

If you’ve ever been embarrassed by your front-facing camera phone or a candid photo, you may be struggling with the dreaded double chin. You’re not alone. In fact, thousands of people look to cosmetic solutions to help with excess fat around the jaw and chin every year. And, while plastic surgery may be effective in reducing fat around this troublesome area, many may be put off by the idea of surgery. Or, don’t have time to go through the preparations or recovery that surgery entails. However, there is another solution to this common issue–Kybella®. This FDA approved injectable works wonders to remove fat cells located around the neck and jawline. But, what are the other benefits?

  1. No Scarring: Kybella® is an injection. And, while it takes a series of these injections to receive the desired results, there are no incisions required. So, there is no scarring as a result. Even better, there is no recovery at all.
  2. Lasting Results: Because Kybella® works to actually liquefy and eliminate fat cells altogether, the results of this treatment are permanent. Once the series of Kybella® shots are complete, they aren’t necessary again.
  3. Simple: Unlike a surgical procedure, Kybella® is simple, with little room for error. So much, in fact, that general anesthesia is not required for this treatment.
  4. Speedy. Not only is a set of Kybella® injections simple, but it is also very quick. A single treatment takes around 20 minutes, and there is no downtime or need for time off of work.
  5. The Results: Obviously, the best benefits of Kybella® are the results. A younger appearance, lifted jawline, and removed fat provide patients with the expectations they desire.

Ready for Kybella®?

While you aren’t alone with experiencing a drooping jawline, you don’t have to live with it forever. In fact, you don’t even have to go through surgery to get the results you want. With the new injectable solution, Kybella®, you can see the results you’re looking for and experience the benefits that a non-invasive cosmetic solution can provide.

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