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5 Benefits of a Regular Monthly Facial

Sure, sticking to a regular skin care routine is going to promote healthy skin cell growth and prevent damage. But, utilizing the care of skin care professionals every month by getting facials can provide a number of useful benefits. If you’re dealing with a number of skin issues or have a type of skin which other treatments may do nothing for, this 5-step process treatment may help.

#1: Facials Provide a Deep Cleanse

Air pollution, dirt, toxins, and oil can all build up to put your skin at risk for the buildup of bacteria, and, in turn, infection. While the daily cleanser you use does wash away most of these components, but it won’t cleanse everything. A facial can help to reach deep into pores to remove debris and oils which a home cleanser simply can’t.

#2: Helps to Slow Down Aging

A monthly facial is sure to help not only reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, but also works to slow down the aging process. That’s because specific ingredients can help to stimulate blood circulation, which also helps to increase oxygen flow to these skin cells. The result is skin which retains its natural elasticity and collagen for a more youthful appearance.

#3: Stress Reduction and Relaxation

If you have ever had a professional facial before, you know the relaxing experience it provides. One of the five steps of a facial includes massage, which helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Additionally, massage helps to increase blood circulation to the skin of the face, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin.

#4: Renewed Skin

The facial includes five steps: cleansing, extraction, massage, steam, and finally, mask preparation. These combined steps work to provide a number of benefits. But, above all, they’re used to renew the skin. Basically, the entire process stimulates healthy regrowth of skin cells after you leave your facial appointment. This provides results of a healthy glow, even complexion, and a balanced texture.

#5: A Well-Deserved Indulgence

You work hard, and you deserve to treat yourself every once in a while. So, why not treat yourself each month to something that works to renew your skin while providing you some much-needed relaxation? A professional facial is what many people choose for their go-to indulgence because of all the benefits they provide. The next time you want to treat yourself, consider a professional facial.

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