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4 Tips for Winter Skincare

Here in New York, winters are long, cold, and dry. While there is much to look forward to with the holiday season arriving, the weather is something that most don’t anticipate with high regard. And, it can wreak havoc on the skin. Peeling, dryness, and rashes are common during the winter months, but there are a few things you can do to maintain healthy skin…

#1: Keeping Skin Hydrated

Not only does drinking water keep skin hydrated, but the water trapped in the air is also important for keeping skin hydrated. However, during winter months, the air doesn’t retain as much moisture as other times of the year. This can result in the dry skin that so many experience during this time of year. So, to make up for this loss of moisture in the air, investing in a humidifier can help. This technology helps to regulate moisture levels in the air by producing steam.

#2: Choose a Milder Cleanser

Exfoliators and cleansers which contain medicines for acne can dry skin out even more during winter months. So, choose a cleanser with milder solutions. When dealing with a breakout, simply wash with water to avoid drying up pores and creating further issues. If you don’t know which cleanser to use, talk to your local skin care specialist.

#3: Neglect the Hot Shower or Bath

After a cold day, a hot shower sounds like a done deal. However, you may want to rethink the hot shower or bath, as they can actually dry the skin out even more. That’s because hot water evaporates faster than cold water, and can actually pull out natural oils in the skin which are meant to naturally moisturize. If you must take a hot shower or bath, consider keeping the door of your bathroom closed. This way, you can retain the steam and moisturize with a lotion before hot water is drawn out from the skin.

#4: Get a Better Moisturizer and Apply Frequently

Daily moisturizers should be used throughout all months of the year. But, it’s even more important to moisturize during winter months to keep skin from drying out. So, choose a moisturizer which is thick in texture instead of your average lotion. Your moisturizer should be a cream-like substance, thick enough to trap and retain the moisture your skin needs to remain smooth to the touch. And, it should be applied more than once a day. The optimal time to apply moisturizer is after a shower since water hasn’t fully evaporated and can mix with moisturizer to provide even more lubrication for the skin.

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